Biotechnology solutions for food industry


LevTec specializes in offering services and developing RDI projects tailored for food industries to reach their innovative goals.

RDI projects

We design and conduct integral RDI projects in order to build innovative solutions for the food industry. We have an industrial pilot plant and a laboratory of molecular/cellular biology, biochemistry, microbiology and physicochemistry.

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Analytical services

We offer a number of analytical routine services such as genetic and physiological characterization of bacterial and fungal strains, as well as determination of physicochemical parameters such as color, bitterness, antioxidants and nutritive profiles, among others.

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Strain banking

We offer banking services for storing proprietary strains of microorganisms for industry. Facilities at our laboratory ensure the required conditions for safe storage of our customers' strains.

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Training and consultancy

With broad experience in industrial procedures, quality control and laboratory technology, we can offer a variety of training and consultancy services tailored to the needs of each customer.

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Yeast banking for brewers