We develop innovative solutions and products in the biotechnology area for food and beverages industries. Our cutting-edge technology laboratory of biochemistry, microbiology, physicochemistry, molecular and cellular biology, and our its industrial pilot plant are the ideal platform for implementing integral RDI projects.

We create new elaboration protocols, new recipes, new methodologies of quality control , and we develop, in an innovative way, new strains of yeasts with customized characteristics.


In order to attend the multidisciplinary nature of RDI projects, LevTec works with external consultants for each area, and with technical and scientific staff from diverse areas of skills. Some of the methodologies required are analytical methods (gravitometry, absorbance visible-UV, fluorescence, luminiscence, and mass spectrophotometry), selection methodologies of in vitro selection and evolution, microorganism hybridization, microscopy, fluorescence microscopy, micro cell-handling, DNA sequencing, study on the expression and location of metabolites of interest, as well as other methodologies of genetics, cellular and molecular biology.

LevTec offers a number of analytical routine services such as genetic and physiological characterization of bacterial and fungal strains (genus and species level), as well as determination of physicochemical parameters such as color, bitterness, antioxidants and nutritive profiles, among others.

Microorganism characterization:

We characterize microorganisms at the genetic and physiological level.

Among such services, you may find:

  • Bacterial and fungal characterization of genus and species by amplifying and sequencing ribosomal DNA, and comparing results against databases using bioinformatic tools.
  • Physiological characterization of microorganism strains is done by sugar intake profiles, growth and fermentation curves, flocculation degree and cell and colony morphology.

Food and beverage characterization:

We offer physicochemical analytical services to feature quality parameters and molecular composition of fermented beverages, food and other beverages:

Total protein determination
Total carbohydrate determination
Antioxidant capacity determination
SRM color determination
IBU bitterness determination
Total polyphenol determination
Alcohol content determination (enzymatic method approved for low alcoholic content beverages)
Turbidity determination

The methods used are based on protocols approved by the American Society of Brewing Chemists ASBC (organization of which LevTec is member). Equipment and kits are ISO9001 certified and ASBC approved.

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We offer banking services for storing proprietary strains of microorganisms for industry. Facilities at our laboratory ensure the required conditions for safe storage of our customers’ strains.

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With broad experience in industrial procedures, quality control and laboratory technology, we can offer a variety of training and consultancy services tailored to the needs of each customer.

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