LevTec is a laboratory specialized in offering services and developing research, devlopment and innovation (RDI) projects in the field of biotechnology, tailored for food and beverage industries to reach their innovative goals.

We design and conduct RDI projects in order to build new products and innovative services, and work in search of microorganisms conferring distinguishing features to fermented food.

We also offer analytical services in the area of molecular biology and physicochemistry, as well as training and consultancy, which allows our customers to optimize their product catalogue.

Levtec’s origin

LevTec was founded in 2015 by Agustina Olivera with the aim of uniting science, food and innovation. Her trajectory as a researcher of Institut Pasteur, her studies on molecular biology of yeasts, and her project of an organic/agroecological brewery along with Nicolás Collazo were her cornerstones for working on making it easier to apply biotechnology to product innovation in Uruguay.

In its beggining, LevTec was an entrepeneurial venture incubated in BIOESPINN of Institut Pasteur-Montevideo. In 2015 it was consolidated as a SME settled in Playa Hermosa (Maldonado), a seaside location. In 2016, the company was ranked as a Biotechnology Company, following the Biotechnology Promotion Decree (Decree 011/13).

Today it is a laboratory specialized on research, development and innovation in the area of biotechnology of fermentation, and in the search of hybrid and native yeasts strains conferring distinguishing features to fermented food.

The company enhances innovation in the field of fermented beverage and transfers application of this technology to other areas of food industry and nutritional supplements.

The laboratory is supported by the national Agency for Investigation and Innovation (ANII) and PIEP Program (Project of Internationalization of Productive Specialization, with regional and local support from FOCEM-MIEM).

Our team

Executive and scientific director
Agustina Olivera Couto

BSc Biochemistry degree, PhD Biological Sciences, with specialization in Biotechnology, Molecular and Cell Biology of yeasts. Agustina is in charge of designing, directing and conducting the biotechnology laboratory.

Pilot plant director
Nicolás Gastón Collazo

Brewer, with broad technical formation and expertise in industrial facility installations. Nicolás is in charge of technological follow-up and development of the pilot plant.

Laboratory assitant
Carolina Abud Amato

BSc and MSc in Biological Sciences, specialization in Evolution. Carolina assists in laboratory tasks, update and development of techniques.

Our external consultants

Beer product development
Martín Etchart

He is a brewer, electrical enginneer and holds a master's degree in Electrical Engineering with applications to cryo electron microscopy. Martín is an external avisor for the design and development of beer products and proceses with strong innovation components.

External consultant
Iliana Kis

Es Ingeniera en Alimentos con amplia experiencia en distintas industrias del rubro. Iliana es asesora externa en materia de buenas prácticas de elaboración de alimentos, procedimientos industriales, normativas vigentes, certificaciones, procedimientos legales en cuanto a habilitación y registro de nuevos productos.

Communication and design
Amanda López

She is Graphic Designer with a degree in Social Communication. Amanda advises in packaging design and branding of products for integral RDI projects.